Monday, July 6, 2009


A quick selection from my collection to basically get things moving here.

Like most things I tend to share with you, this one is no different in the fact that the
interwebs have returned nil in the way of information.
Classical Smoke appears to be a Las Vegas band that released their self-titled album
on Pisces Productions in 1976.
The six tracks on the album couldn't be any different ranging from wack job
Crimson-esq Prog Rock to up tempo b-boy boggie to a straight classical string
(All, mind you, with their own moments of brilliance.)
But it's the track "It Helps Alot" with it's bouncing bass line and open drum-break intro
that raise the eyebrows.
Keeping the car chase vibe and 70's TV energy throughout most (the middle tends to
lull a bit), I find it a gem in the rough thats begging for a b-boy re-edit or to be saved
(re: sampled) from the rest of the album's drowning mediocrity.
Here's some pictures of the album cover if that's your thing.
Yep, thats my arm you can see in the youtube.
I got a mix on the way.