Sunday, July 12, 2009


Saturdays experiment turned out to be a mild success. With our new setting, the mood followed suit and resulted in a more laid back, summertime, Guayabera shirt, beer sipping type of event. Not to say this was a bad thing because I packed my record bag accordingly, but it just seemed like the "riot" had taken a Lortab and pounded some Dos Equis (Stay thirsty my friends) this time around. The guest DJ card seems to be filling up with 3 short, but very tasteful, sets from DJ's Natty, Sesqui and Troy. Duffy was pissed he got snubbed on table time, but he was too busy doing blow in the bathroom to really care (I kid, I kid). Nice sunglasses, Sonny Crocket.

Shit, we even added a $1 Bin this time around. Next Level.

Lot's of new faces and even a rumor of some cross pollination from our other two-headed baby, GEMS & GIANTS over at the Jade Lounge. Gives one hope that we might be starting to pull our weight. The pleasant surprise of the night was the table addition of Kahlil Breithaupt, owner and operator of the very impressive label Hammond Beat Records. Kahlil contributed with some really dope 45's and CD's for sale, some privatized shopping ("..I heard what you play and think you might like this...") and a great story about how his love of his music, and more importantly the Hammond sound, turned from a hobby to a full out business. Hopefully he will continue to be a part of our micro-community because lord knows we need help classing up this fucking circus.

I also had the time to take a few pictures earlier in the event. There isn't much to look at besides people standing around or digging through crates, but hey - it's better than nothing. All in all, a big thank you goes out to any and all who showed support of any kind. See you in August.

Monday, July 6, 2009


A quick selection from my collection to basically get things moving here.

Like most things I tend to share with you, this one is no different in the fact that the
interwebs have returned nil in the way of information.
Classical Smoke appears to be a Las Vegas band that released their self-titled album
on Pisces Productions in 1976.
The six tracks on the album couldn't be any different ranging from wack job
Crimson-esq Prog Rock to up tempo b-boy boggie to a straight classical string
(All, mind you, with their own moments of brilliance.)
But it's the track "It Helps Alot" with it's bouncing bass line and open drum-break intro
that raise the eyebrows.
Keeping the car chase vibe and 70's TV energy throughout most (the middle tends to
lull a bit), I find it a gem in the rough thats begging for a b-boy re-edit or to be saved
(re: sampled) from the rest of the album's drowning mediocrity.
Here's some pictures of the album cover if that's your thing.
Yep, thats my arm you can see in the youtube.
I got a mix on the way.